Takes me about 10 hours to re-encode a 42 minute show, or about 30 hours to re-encode a 2 hour movie. The biggest differences between the two cards is that the MDP has a slightly more sensitive tuner and has the ability to have DVI out via a daughter card. Thu Sep 16, Jul 11, Posts: There is currently no satelite hdtv capture card, and there is only one really crappy cable hdtv capture card that only works for some people. Am i doing anything wrong? The installation manual runs through all the supported Windows OS versions for a simple and successful installation.

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Please confirm the obvious: The breakout cable includes the composite and s-video input and the dual pin VGA pass-thru connectors.

MyHD MDP-100 HDTV Tuner Card Specs

So buy them before then if you think you will want t ocapture hdtv sometime in the next 10 years. Now if I confused you when I mentioned playing a laserdisc in the last paragraph let me clarify.

Thu Sep 16, 6: Drive you out ymhd the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead? Takes me about 10 hours to re-encode a 42 minute show, or about 30 hours to re-encode a 2 hour movie.


The newer model was out when I picked up my card but I found a good deal on a used card so I jumped on it. Versa Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Bbobbo, have you tried updating your BIOS?

FS: Radeon 64MB AGP, MyHD MDP HD PCI Tuner – Ars Technica OpenForum

What’s this about needing a card to do playback? There currently are no approved Buses.

Now there’s a source for all that high-definition reference material you’ve been wanted to demonstrate to your friends. I then called mdp-010 folks at Digital Connection and explained my dillema. I’m just not entirely sure how long this provision will be avalible, the details are very muddy to me. Now the bad news. MPlay for the Roku HD Page 6 of It does take a LONG time to re-encode.

I’m curious about why all HDTV capture cards will be illegal then. I’d take the MyHD Card I have already disabled the onboard sound Here’s what I’ve tried so far to remedy the problem. Sign up for a Gravatar today. Does it display the desktop or just the feed coming into the card?

Thu Sep 16, I initially bought a VGA gender changer locally, but have discovered I didn’t need it If Kei is reading this, I would recommend making clear the gender of the VGA connectors in their descriptions– I got lucky and got exactly what I wanted, but I could certainly see someone expecting the other gender and being annoyed.


We recorded the Tonight Show all week long and the image was as good as if we were watching it live. The system kept mddp-100 up. This is real interesting, thanks for the headsup.

MyHD MDP HDTV Tuner Card : Moe’s HTPC

Thu Sep 16, 5: Only if you ask for it. The amazing part is the stored video can be played over and over without any degradation. Recording HDTV requires about 8.

Short of that, you could compare BIOS versions with vfrjim, since you have the same motherboard. No vid card necessary?