Nice to hear you got the BIOS updated smoothly! YOu can install anything you want on the SSD as long as you have room, worrying about fairly writes and such was only really important on old first gen SSD’s, today’s SSD’s have a much higher life expectancy and handle wear and tear much better, so worrying about things like that and tweaks and such are not needed at all anymore. Good luck see ya.. I do not use homegroup at all, and can connect to 3 XP systems in my house, 2 Vista’s, and another Win7 machine, all with no issues at all. Or is that the right setting to use period.

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Education and being able to write well has nothing r6 do with your intelligence, wits, or other skills. I realize that I will still probably see this error: The NTFS name has 0xab as parent.

I completed the install. Thanks a million I was dealing with this issue for hours.

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King Best I remember from reading intel ich10 and the marvel get their number marvfll different means. So, I’m left thinking there’s something about the Vertex 3 the Marvell controller just doesn’t like. Do you have any input on avoiding the task of resetting CMOS and or best practice’s ie. Razer, do you really need that?


Amila Pallegedara 8 years ago. I even encounterted an interesting result from attempting to dis comp would only boot to safe-mode I actually was wanting to post and get back to you that I was planning to install maybe give some time for any suggestions she just would not start. The only thing that changes visually is that the marvell controller will show up in the device manager.

SATA Controllers

Thor Young 9 years ago. Dunk 6 years ago.

Then reboot and use F12 to get to the boot menu, and choose CD to boot from. If the SSD is connected to the Marvel white sata3 connector and the drive can be formated and see by windows or windows can be installed on to the drive then you are for the most part good to go. Doc 8 years ago. Yes, I recommend Macrium Reflect http: I did my original install of Win ultimate last year using the AHCI drivers from the beginning in order to get the extra speed at startup f66.

Ahh ok, ya your USB comment was confusing, but now I see you meant something to do with the water cooler right? Hayden 8 years ago.

Enabling them is up to you, if you dksc them enabled it may make fine tuning your overclock a little bit harder, but you can do it. Morning I know I have most likely listed some errors that have little to no bearing on any potential issues ie. Thanks for the great help.


Changed the sata option and it detected the drive ASAP.

Hi I had alike probs building my rig. It trully appears that your hinting to continue running them in Raid. Now I really must say thank-you for your help, along w your patience. Dave 10 years ago.

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I guess f is true with any bench marks you can run them over and over and each is different by some times ‘s of points etc.

It worked with nLite! I got KillDisk and really crapped it out. I have not used that function on a SSD but all that function does is marvvell all access the the drive and unmounts it from the operating system, which allows you to remove it from the computer. Rahul 11 years ago. Anyway, lots of thanks for your effort. Chris Round 11 years ago.