Code page is also resident to be used for bar codes. Parameters may be exchanged between all machine types and models of Infoprint and Support has been added for user defined print job profiles. IBM hardware products are manufactured from new parts, or new and used parts. The following enhancements are available with the Infoprint 32 and Infoprint

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Fonts can now be downloaded, captured and saved to hard disk or flash memory in the printer.

These features plug into the firmware card slot on the controller board. Output bin full sensing is available in all but the sheet face-up pa bin.

IBM Infoprint and — New 35 and 40 PPM Printers for Small to Large Workgroups

For greatest flexibility, separate values may be specified for the front and back sides of the page. This newest level of PostScript provides improved performance and enhanced image quality over Pa Level 2.

Do not mark sensitive fonts such as signatures and MICR fonts as eligible to be captured. Maximum capacity of the Envelope Feeder is envelopes. See the compatibility section for more details.


Some key differences are:. Included on the CD-ROM shipped with the printer are infopirnt variety of downloadable fonts for Hebrew and Arabic and additional support for the Euro currency character. CSU publications are in National Languages. Infoprint and will provide a function in the printer control unit that will allow all the printer parameters to be info;rint from one printer to another.

Drawer includes tray plus support unit. Also, special handling is provided for recovering from paper jams when ordered media is used.

The envelope feeder can hold up to envelopes. Font cards and font cartridges are not supported.

IBM Infoprint 1332 and 1352 — New 35 and 40 PPM Printers for Small to Large Workgroups

Multiple hard disk features may be ordered although only one hard disk can be installed at a time. Educational allowance does not apply.

This option is required for using the copier-like function, “RePro”, for printing multiple original copies. It comes with 3 bins, each with sheet unstapled capacity, as well as a stapling function. First-generation quality The Infoprint 32 and Infoprint 40 offer Im, a copier-like capability designed to enable users to efficiently print multiple originals of electronically formatted documents. This feature has 3 trays for 4,sheet capacity. Serial baud rates range from tobps.


Linux Caldera eDesktop 2.

IBM 4332-001 & 4332-004 (Infoprint 32 & 40)

Im Infoprint 32 and Infoprint 40 at a ls. As with Pull Print, the file must be in a supported format: The decryption card plugs into the firmware slot in the printer and is mutually exclusive with the application solution features such as IPDS, Bar Code, and ImageQuick.

It provides IT administrators with realtime device status and information, centralized device setup, remote printer monitoring and management, and asset management capabilities.

The job status that is displayed on printer web pages includes the time that the job was processed. This minimizes trouble-shooting and maximizes printer uptime.

This option is not compatible with most finishing operations. Call the REAL source! Up px four 4 TNe sessions from multiple hosts are supported; however the SCS Menu options settings for all 4 sessions are the same. The printing and copying functions allow for device consolidation and can help increase productivity. Other dealers compete against this, so:.