The coercivity has to be set in the driver before any magnetic encoding is carried out. What is a half-panel ribbon? In addition to its card feeder box, its optional manual card feeder instantly turns the Dualys into a front-desk printer. Versatility Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs. Switching to a new PC, migration of the eMedia software environment How to activate the license key in your eMedia software Is there a programming guide available?

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What are the Pantone references of evolsi blue, red and green monochrome ribbons? A newer version of this item is available. My ribbon gets cut. X driver Universal – released on November 14, With the Windows Evolis driver, the Lead-in code and Trailer have to be changed from the Evolis driver or from Card 5. A driver is software used to communicate with the printer through the computer in order to manage ribbon choice, print intensity, contrast, insertion modes, magnetic settings, lamination settings, etc.

Using generic ribbons with an Evolis printer will expose you to printing problems, plus, the warranty will be null and void.


The only way to resolve this defect is to use higher-quality cards. Evolis UltraClean Kit A for complete cleaning of the printer.

I have one or multiple dulays3 white lines on my printed cards. How do I clean the printer interior? What are the dimensions cards compatible with the printer?

What is the warranty period for a spare part? What settings of the computer should I check before installing a driver?

Drivers & Support

What should I do? The printed colors are different from what I see on my screen.

If this printer head is replaced, the limited warranty conditions of the wearable parts mentioned in this paragraph apply. In addition, we dualts3 order quantity discounts and many promotions such as our ongoing trade-in program.

How do I clean the print head? On the same theme: The easiest way to visually determine dualyz3 a stripe on a card is Hico or Loco is by checking the color of the stripe. Different panel printing options are also available for color ribbons. Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new offers, sales and promotions: Please see the new Primacy.


Contact us to get our lowest price. International expertise A focus on international sales that makes Evolis what it is today. So much so that they have equipped the Evolis Dualys with a leading three dualyd3 warranty.

Which software applications are compatible with Evolis printers? Dualys 3 quick operating guide. I have a white margin on the edge s of the printed card.

Evolis Dualys 3 DUAOCU ID Card Printer | ID Wholesaler

What is the difference between the black mono ribbon and the Black Wax ribbon? Yes, it is possible to upgrade your printer dualys33 a magnetic, contactless or smart encoder. My account Items of interest 0. The dimensions of the card that will be used with the Evolis printer must be strictly respected. The version supplied with your printer comes with a day free trial period, except for Primacy delivered with unlimited edition.