For those using it in poor light – a darkened lecture theatre for instance – it has built in lights to allow you to see what you are doing. You can wirelessly connect two or more wired networks via this mode. If you smell something strange, or even see some smoke coming out from the router or power supply, remove the power supply or switch the electrical power off immediately, and call dealer of purchase for help Package contents The following items are present in the package of the Conceptronic N wireless router: Enter the password you set. If the port is authenticated successfully, you can open this port which allows all the messages to pass. Enter the encrypted key for wireless devices. Not only is it a keyboard but it also has a built in pad to allow screen movement.

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Conceptronic. 150N Wireless LAN Broadband Router. User s Manual. Version: 3.0

Top reads Invite a friend! Falling from high places would damage the router and its accessories, and warranty will be void. F5 to access the Web, direless set it as above. The Router can be configured as a virtual server on behalf of local services behind the LAN port. After edit the rule, click the add to list button to add the current rule to rule list.


Below is a description. This type is 15n device s default option. Throughout this chapter the following applies: Do NOT modify it unless necessary.

Download and install Conceptronic Conceptronic N Mini Wireless USB Adapter – driver id

If the Router is powered off and restarts the device, the records will wieeless also lost. Home – Wizard You can setup the wireless router through the built-in Wizard.

To set sending s entry interval. The address of the remote host with which you want to construct a static route.

When this feature is enabled, wireless clients connected with the same SSID can not communicate with each other. Conceptrinic – Upgrade The management port open to outside access. Up to 20 entries can be supported with the capability for at most PCs’ speed control, including for IP address range configuration.

Other brands and product names are. This feature copies the MAC address of your network device to conceptronuc Router. To specify the traffic heading way for the selected IP addresses: Enter the MAC address you want to run the access policy.

Conceptronic. N Wireless LAN Broadband Router. User s Manual. Version: PDF

The individual reading this. Table of Contents Product Overview Simply click on overview, product category or product sub category in the top menu or select the product category xonceptronic the side menu. Enter the IP address of the PC where you want to set the applications. Add the selected well-known port to the policy ID. Usually the AP-security has been enabled, here will displayed not used.


Conceptronic 150N Wireless Router & Access Point C04-084-001 User Manual

The vast majority of modern laptops have wireless. It is the size of largest datagram that can be sent over a network. The packet will be fragmented if the arrival is bigger than the threshold setting.

Click Save to activate the current rule. Click Backup button to back up the Router s settings and select the path for save. Status – Routing Table All the products and product names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective More information.

Status – Traffic Statistic This section deals with the single port forwarding mainly. The attacker s IP address can be found from the System Log.