This lets you calibrate the club to the nuances of your own swing. First, they encourage low spin which means you hit the ball further in most cases but the lower spin comes at the price of accuracy. It has a T-track weighting system, low Center of Gravity, and a multi-material body calibrated to distribute weight in a way that maximizes distance with the forgiveness to make your mishits playable. The F8 has a back and heel weight that can change your trajectory and spin to maximize your distance. It was very aerodynamic which led to a faster swing, and more distance. Club heads are measured, by volume, in cubic centimetres cc with a maximum limit of cc. Wish TM would go back to that head shape honestly.

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For more info on the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver click here And the Winner is Their faster swings produce more spin and distance, meaning they do not require as much loft. Many people never really liked the white crown. The M2 only comes in the cc head, but its comparable to the M1 in terms of the improvements from last year Less weight, higher speedthe the other interesting club is M2 D-Type which Is a blast from the past as it is their first Draw biased driver in 40cc 3 generations.

This can cause golfers to pick the simpler option. The real party piece of the D3 is its workability, it is possibly the most workable out this season because of smaller size, and simple, clean look and feel.


The best golf driver on the market is not going to come cheap.

If your clubhead speed is high but your launch trajectory is low, a stiff shaft flex will limit your distance. Automated Golf Automated Article 1.

6 of the Best Drivers – GolfPunkHQ

The list below contains detail on each driver available from each brand and their prescribed skill levels. So why do today’s smaller heads always seem to be associated with lower spin rates as well? The right driver for you will enhance the positive elements of your swing while compensating for your 4440cc with the goal of keeping the ball in play as much as possible.

Very Accurate and extremely workable. Not the most expensive or flashiest.

Like the CG weights, 4440cc adjustable hosel provides a nice level of customization. Callaway recently took the crown as the top seller for drivers in the month of January this year, as well 44cc becoming the number 1 driver on the LPGA. Finding your Fit Your goal in picking a driver is to find a driver that helps you optimize these conditions consistently.

So why are companies not making inch drivers when all the other aspects of a driver are almost at the legal limits?

I am going to read it again and make some notes. The club is available in both a cc standard head, as well as a cc head, providing a bst group to appeal to. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? Wish TM would go back to that head shape honestly.

The best golf drivers for 2018

Changes have also been made including a large groove behind the face that improves the acoustics in the driver, as well as provides a great bes of energy at the Moment of Impact. Cobra offers three main shafts for the F8. Ball contact outside of the Center of Gravity causes rotation of the clubhead aka at the Moment of Inertia and that rotation puts spin on the ball.


Edited by Pi5seeker, 01 October – For example, if you swung your driver at mph and produced a ball speed of mph, your smash factor would be 1. TaylorMade M1 Men’s Driver cc.

Here’s a look at some of the best currently available. We like to think of the evolution of the driver in these phases:.

440cc Driver Head….so what?

What Christian is saying is that adding a lighter metal, the 7-layer carbon composite, gives you room to deploy some extra mass in a location that gets you more value in terms of ball bfst. The Titleist D3, meanwhile, is built for the player who wants distance and workability. The hosel is adjustable to calibrate the loft to your game.

Callaway have designed the Big Bertha Fusion to be their most forgiving and straightest driver ever. What if you get the settings wrong? Whilst this sounds great, longer length will a little sacrifice control bedt increase the shot dispersion.