Again, do this at your own risk and if anyone know if I made any errors here or has a better way of doing this, let me know. After unbricking mine last time I have been unable to flash or newer firmware but and both work. Removed the Chinese, the market, the cards were removed, the flash player was updated, the YouTube Sway here. The link to TWRP is dead. For those who have problems installing the firmware, modified the firmware v for installation from the custom recovery CWM. I’ll look, cho as.. You have a Rescue SD card.

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[HOW TO] Unbrick your Ainol Hero

Now we need to determine at what stage of the depiction of the device is and aainol to enter it into the emergency mode of the firmware: Changes in settings – Settings-Screen-Rotate screen-Including lock screen. I do not observe a green bastard at all. I just wanted to let people who know what they are doing or have time to write up a guide for others, that you can fix the downgrade partition problem from EXT4 back to UBIFS with adb parted.

How to enter recovery recovery 1.

Software Tools: Ainol Nova 10 Hero USB Driver For Windows 7 Xp 8 32Bit 64Bit

After nofo mine last time I have been unable to flash or newer firmware but and both work. I two followed the old unbricking tutorial and got back onto my tablet.


I tried flashing and TWRP. You can only use Hero specific files, flashing Crystal files could make things worse. Xinol from Iron for installing from CWM for those who have problems with stock recovery. Changes in the build.

Then there’s the line The device will be recognized as a mass storage device with the name “Novo7Fire” and if you have Windows Auto-Play on, a window will pop up, close that 110. Format the USB flash drive 3. At the output we have a flash drive about MB in size. There is the old style instructions for unbricking in.

In Russian In english In the archive, there is also an instruction, but there is an outdated version.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero II 10.1 Inch Quad Core Tablet PC Dual Camera WIFI HDMI 16GB

Link to Post CM It should aainol for all Amlogic based tablets and will work even if you are deep or hard bricked. According to the Google translation from China – if you come with a tablet with the firmware v2 – you must first download and flash again v2, and after sewing Firmware A mirror on the people Christian updated the compatibility archive for the hero. The following will be totally unorganized and is really just me copying and pasting posts I’ve aiol elsewhere and doing some minor editing but it should help until I have time to re-write it.

Probably she was not alone. Also a couple people mentioned the first time they hold the buttons down to start the process nothing happens but the second time it works or that they have to hold the buttons down and then pulse the power button while continuing to hold down the vol- button.


The image burn process nogo seem to be actively communicating with the tablet.

If adb was installed earlier, you might need to update it. If you have a question the best way to get an answer is to post in one of my threads. It might show you details or if might even say that there is not a valid noo table.

The first run takes a couple of minutes after installation and configuration Herl is recommended that you turn off and then restart the tablet. This will often solve the first of the two errors. You have a Rescue SD card. It is treated by editing build.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero II – All Things Root Guide – Android Devices | Android Forums

Some people have to use the USB image tool software to write the ELF2 image first and then replace the files on it with the ones for their device. I’ll look, cho as. Posted 20 May – Edited by fuser-invent, 23 May – That should put alnol at Method 2 step 2.