The LivePix application is a general-purpose image editor, with a number of included “projects” for making various photo-novelty items. On the slow MHz Pentium, post-processing actually took longer than the transfer itself, as much as 53 seconds additional on this mode image. The downside of course, is that you need to have a white reference surface available to set the white balance. The shutter-lag testing utility’s resolution is only 0. More on this on the next page. Always on, to provide “fill” lighting, regardless of ambient light levels.

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Agfa ePhoto CL18 – digital camera Series

Select a menu or option by pushing agaf. Jump to the CL30 specifications The user controls are very minimal. The right section of aagfa camera has a high definition 2-inch LCD panel.

Of course, the number of images stored on each card will vary, as individual images can be captured at varying resolution levels and saved on the same memory card.

We’ve vacillated a bit as to how useful digital zoom is, as compared to true optical zoom lenses. No adjustment is provided for backlight illumination, but we’ve often found such controls to be of limited usefulness anyway, and the ‘s screen seems somewhat more resistant to washout in sunlight than most. Like most digicams, the can only interpret its own JPEG files – If the files have been altered in any way even just opened and re-saved in an imaging programthe camera won’t be able to read them.


Operation and User Interface We mentioned the ‘s unique “EasyPilot” user-interface control earlier: Camera determines the exposure setting Time value Shutter Priority: On theyou have to journey to the far end of the menu structure and back again to set or remove an exposure compensation setting.

The on-camera flash may then be used to trigger studio flash units. At this size, it’s epohto not a “shirt pocket” camera, but is certainly a coat-pocket one.

Digital Cameras – Agfa ePhoto Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

The combination of these lens apertures, shutter speeds, and the official ISO rating would predict a usable illumination range of EV10 to EV Overall, we view it as a useful capability when combined with a true optical zoom, but in no way as a substitute for optical zoom in the first place. This could be a profitable area for far-eastern accessory manufacturers. Aperture value Aperture Priority: By shutter-release delay, we refer to the lag time between when you press the shutter-release button, and when the camera actually takes a picture.

The latest fruit of their labors is the ePhotoa 1.

The ‘s manual provides timing measurements for not only average image processing and display times in both record and playback modes, but camera-startup and shutter lag times as well!

Actually, in “low light” mode, the ‘s LCD refresh is still faster than some competing cameras in “normal” mode. At the same time, they’ve addressed a number of issues of interest to serious photographers, including both aperture- and shutter-priority metering, and a unique approach to external-flash support.


See the separate section below, for more information on the PhotoGenie technology. The autofocus on the is much more “permissive” than that on most cameras we’ve tested, in that it won’t prevent you from taking a picture, just because the image is out of focus.

Always on, to provide “fill” lighting, regardless of ambient light levels. Agfa ePhoto CL18 – digital camera lhlmp Resolution was very good, and Agfa’s “PhotoGenie” interpolation and artifact-removal technology worked surprisingly well.

As a minor aside, we liked the fact that we could change the SmartMedia card and change the batteries! This more-conservative approach to tonal range is one we’re seeing more and more often in higher-end cameras: Within the last 18 months, they’ve moved into the digital camera arena, and applied their considerable digital imaging expertise to good advantage.

Camera crops to center of CCD image area automatically switches to resolution, creating a x pixel image. Agfa ePhoto – digital camera.

Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Atfa 19, The futuristic looking ePhoto was made by Sanyo and designed by a german company called Industrial Design Rubner. The serial numbers revealed that the matte body camera had a very low serial number.

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